Who is the V1 Influencer program for?

We make clothing for life in motion. We value the individuals who keep us healthy and bring happiness into our lives, who keep our bodies fit, who keep our minds sharp and inspire us with their creativity. Yoga instructors, surfers, cross-fit instructors, personal trainers, and individuals who are doing really amazing things in their community are eligible. Please note, you must be a certified instructor or professional athlete to be eligible.

What do I receive?

In exchange for the awesomeness you bring to your community we would like to offer you deep discounts on our product so you can do what you do best in product that performs exceptionally and is styled for life. In addition, special deals for friends and family (when applicable) will be available to you.

Sound good? How to sign up:

1. Complete the online application.
2. In a few sentences tell us about yourself, what you do and what establishments you currently teach in.
3. Please be sure to check an applicable box that relates to your area of expertise:
4. You will hear back from us shortly with next steps and if approved, your discount to shop Vuori with an amazing discount code