Foster The Earth

Foster The Earth Sunset

If anyone has spent a night in the woods, a day on the trail, or a week in the wild they are aware of the spirit of the mountains. We strive to share that spirit with those that don’t don’t have access to it. @FosterTheEarth takes foster and at-risk youth on multi-day backpacking trips across the span of an 8-month program.

Vuori Pointing Toward Whitney
Vuori Sage Burn

This year it was summiting Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 sitting at 14,505’! Everyday poised new challenges but the team persisted through cold mornings and short nights covering 40 miles in 7 days. It is important to take care of your body while you are out there and that includes stretching your tired muscles. Morning yoga led by a participant Alayna kept our bodies moving through it all. Thank you Vuori for sponsoring comfortable clothing to make the mountains extra cozy.

Vuori Mountain View

Vuori Tree Pose