North West Wonder

Kara Donovan's travel photography has been hanging out at our Flagship in Encinitas.

Here's how it all came together:

It all started with a desire to explore Canada, which turned into a full blown 5-week road trip all the way up! After taking months to prepare, figuring out rest stops, people to meet, and hikes to go on, I was on my way! I was able to explore the whole west coast of the United States and stopped at places like Big Sur, the Redwoods, Pacific City, Portland, Olympic National Park, and Banff.

Here is an exert from the book that I made that has a little explanation of the trip!

It was pretty fun to see people's expressions when I explained that I was taking a month long trip from San Diego all the way to Banff, Canada. Most were shocked, wide-eyed and usually responded with “that's crazy!” And part of me agreed, this is crazy! But excitement and adrenaline quickly replaced that when I remembered all the places and adventures I had planned. Someone once told me that it's not an adventure until something goes wrong. Yes, there were a handful of things that did go wrong, but what surprised me was everything that went right! Hikes, camping, weather, directions, meals, people, conversations, and scenery, it all came together in this beautifully orchestrated rhythm.