Yoga Continues To Rise Amongst Athletes

When I was first introduced to yoga a few years ago, I was more than a skeptic. I always thought the yoga studio was a place for girls to go and a target rich environment for guys looking to hit on them.  Nevertheless, despite my preconceived notions, I gave it a try. Much to my amazement, I fell in love with the practice. Yoga has now become a huge part of my training both in and out of season and it has certainly helped to take my performance to the next level.  I have been fortunate to see teammates and athletes from vastly different backgrounds get involved in yoga as well and I have been blown away by the appreciation they’ve shown and the benefits they have realized.  It has become so relevant in professional baseball that during one of our winter training sessions the team went through mandatory yoga practices specifically designed for baseball players. I have no doubt that yoga will continue to rise amongst athletes who wish to get the most out of their bodies, prevent injuries and perform at the highest level possible.

AUTHOR: Preston Gainey / RHP Milwaukee Brewers. Check out more from our friend Preston @friendpresto