Just A Little Bike Ride Across America

Sean Maloney, a former Intel executive, lived a great, healy life. In 2010 a blocked artery led to a stroke that wiped out virtually all of his abilities – to write, speak, and paralyzed the right side of his body. Determined to recover, he regained his abilities and decided to do something to save others from the trauma of stroke and heart disease.

Sean's new mission is both incredible and inspiring and has touched all of us here.  Sean has embarked on a cross-country bicycle ride, starting in Palo Alto and ending in New York City with events in 14 cities and more than 5,000 miles of cycling - all to get people talking about health, heart disease and stroke. Everywhere he goes, he is encouraging others to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

Heart Across America and Sean's journey is an amazing example of how each and every one of us has a voice and the ability to create something significant for our community - be it big or small. Be a part of the movement - ride with Sean, donate, and most importantly, protect yourself and those that you love by being healthy, learning about stroke/heart disease and getting the screenings you need.  

To learn more about Heart Across America please visit: http://www.heartacrossamerica.org