Inspiration Is Directly Connected To Being Present

Inspiration comes from so many sources and guides you while you are creating something. I used to be fixated with ocean elements, these days I'm fascinated with old houses in a town in Lima, Peru called Barranco. The sea will always be a source of inspiration for me, but I guess its relative to where you are and what you’re going through in life. The first few months after I had my son I could only think about creating stuff for little kids, and when I lived in Encinitas, I was totally inspired by my surroundings in North County. Things change, so relying on something or somewhere made me come to an i just try to be present with with what is going on around me. Creativity never goes away, but if you are all over the place then it can go dormant. In order to maintain creativity you have to constantly fuel your engines. And yes, it’s key to travel, to explore, to read, to research, to google, but for the most part I think inspiration is directly connected to being present and aware of who you are.

-Daniella Manini. Check out more of Daniella's work at: