Adventurous Art: Spring 15 Photoshoot

Our Spring 15 photo shoot was as adventurous and crazy insane as our photos came out.  We had an amazing crew on board to bring our vision to life.  Our photographer was non other than the amazing long boarder Dane Peterson, who is equally talented behind the camera.  Creative Director, Mark Tesi always rocks it out on set and brings some serious magic with him every time. On the other side of the creative team was pro long boarder Colin Whitbread. We luckily scored some waves at Del Mar and we just couldn’t help ourselves but to get in the water for a quick session.  Nick Borelli who is awesome at just about everything, is just an all around inspiring human being. An Iraq vet, Nick works with veterans and helping them through PTSD with activities like surfing and staying positive.  We could go on and on as our list is pretty big.   We have such an amazing community surrounding us, helping us bring Vuori to life. We hope you have as much fun looking at our photos as we did making them.