About Us

Rise & Shine

Vuori merges technical clothing with a west coast vibe that looks and fits great. Founder Joe Kudla didn't have to look far for inspiration. Located in the aspirational beach community of Encinitas, CA, Vuori is a natural extension of its environment where active, conscious and creative people inspire us everyday.

Vuori means mountain, but to us it represents the view from the summit-clear, expansive, awe-inspiring. And similar to heroic mountaineers, who push through tremendous adversity to fulfill their vision, Vuori aims to inspire others to take on all aspects of their lives with clarity, enthusiasm and purpose...while having a lot of fun along the way.

Handstands on Motorhomes

Built to move in.
Styled for life.

Vuori products are functionally built to move and sweat in, but designed with a casual aesthetic aimed to transition effortlessly into everyday life.

Pushups For Days
Always Climbing

A new perspective on
performance apparel

Run, train, stretch, ride, swim,hike, relax. Our lives aren't one-dimensional so why would your clothing be. Crossing the boundaries of traditional athletic wear, Vuori is a new perspective on performance apparel.